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Way back in 1984 Marvel Comics had a special event known as Assistant Editors' Month. Supposedly all the Marvel Editors were off at the big comic convention in San Diego so the assistant editors had free reign to do what they wanted that month. While it may seem like a pretty silly premise, I find it to be more believable than any current crossovers.

I started collecting comics a couple years after this even actually happened, but as I bought back issues of my favorite comics I found these strange issues. Over 20 years later I think I am close to having each issue from that month of Marvel Comics. I searched the internet for details of this event, and I could not find anything. So my plan is to cover each of the comics here.

Here is the list of comics from that month that had something wacky for assistant editors' month.
Click on each title for more info on that issue:

Alpha Flight #6
Amazing Spider-Man #248
Avengers #239
Captain America #289
Conan #154
Daredevil #202
Dazzler #30
Defenders #127
Fantastic Four #262
G.I.Joe #19
Incredible Hulk #291
Iron Man #178
Indiana Jones #13
Marvel Fanfare #12

Marvel Tales #159
Marvel Team-Up #137
Micronauts #56
Moon Knight #35
New Mutants #11
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #86
Power Man and Iron Fist #101
Rom #50
Saga of Crystar #5
Star Wars #79
Thing #7
Thor #339
Uncanny X-Men #177
Uncanny X-Men Annual #7

Here is a list of the comics from that month that I do not have. These are mostly limited series and reprints so I don't think they have anything to do with assistant editors' month, but if anyone has these please let me know.

Conan the King #20
Return of the Jedi #4
Moon Knight Special Edition #3
S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Edition #2
Elektra Saga #1
Micronauts Special Edition #2
Savage Sword of Conan #95
Marvel Age #10
Epic Illustrated #21
Dreadstar #7

Here is a list of the comics from that month that have nothing to do with Assistant Editor's Month:

Avengers Annual #12 - No assistant editor references
Cloak & Dagger #4 - No reference
Jack of Hearts #1 - No reference

Magik(Illyana and Storm) #2 - No reference
Marvel Retread Funnies #1 - Apparently this was never released
X-Men Classics #1 - New splash page with reprints of X-Men 57-59


If you would like to try and collect these issues, visit your local comic store,
go to a convention, or go online. I recommend Mile High Comics or Ebay.

If you would like to see all the covers from that month,
check out the Cover Gallery. Here are a couple pages that talk about this event:

Here is the ad that is on the back of all the Marvel Comics that month:


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