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G.I.Joe #19

The upper corner of this comic shows assistant editor Linda Grant in her combat outfit to let us know this is assistant editors' month. Also, one of the joes is blowing a bubble which I thought might also be a sign, but after reading the comic inside and seeing him do the same thing I am thinking that is just a character trait. The story has nothing goofy, or at least nothing goofier than an 80s G.I.Joe comic as Cobra Commander and Destro attempt to find the joe's secret hideout, the Pit. They think they find and destroy it, when in actuality they did find it but destroyed a decoy the joes had set up. There are actually quite a few deaths in the this issue which I thought was pretty interesting: General Flagg, Kwinn, Dr. Venom and Scarface.

Assistant Editor Linda Grant gives us a blurb on the letters page saying she has found a Snake-Eyes pin-up and fact file that is printed on the last page.

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