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Micronauts #56

There are no warnings on the cover for assistant editors' month, but we are in for a treat as soon as we open the book. There were no ads in this book so the inside covers were available for whatever the assistant editor wanted. On the inside front cover we get a fumetti style comic strip featuring the assistant editor at his desk showing a molecule and explaining that the Micronauts universe takes place in an atom. He then accidentally splits that atom and blows up.

The comic itself is pretty nice and even has an appearance of Captain Universe if you can believe that.

On the inside back cover we get a regular comic strip featuring artist Butch Guice dressed in a Micronaut style outfit talking about how great he is and the contributions he as made to the story. He is then interrupted by assistant editor Bob Harras and then attacks regular editor Ralph Macchio with a sling shot. I can only assume there is some private joke going on here that I missed out on somehow.

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