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Defenders #127

The covers gives us a Beware stamp, and if we look in the corner we see assistant editor Ann Nocenti dressed as Angel complete with a halo. Page one has Ann becoming aware that through her seniority with all the editors gone she is editor-in-chief, and she becomes Super Editor. The next page has her issuing orders to everyone and not taking any excuses from all the freelance artist and writers. The books are all on time with everyone becoming rich and famous until the production manager, Danny Crespi, knocks on her door which brings her back to reality and the start of the real comic. The Defenders fight some flying robots, and nothing else crazy happens except that for transportation they travel around in a convertible driven by Angel's girlfriend while the furry, blue beast is holding a little dog. The Defenders consist of Iceman, the Beast, Angel, the Demon, Valkyrie and Moondragon who are all defeated by the flying robots.

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