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Captain America #289

This issue has the best cover of the month as it shows the MODOK/Red Skull combined villain MOSKULL. It also has the Assistant Editor stamp as well as the surgeon general warning. Across the top you have the checkerboard that DC used in the 60's known as Go-Go Checks, as well as a small Marvel Comics logo in the upper right that is similar to DC's old logo. And the Captain America in the corner is backwards. This cover really had everything.

This comic has your normal comic featuring Captain America, and then it has a 5 page bonus back-up story done by the regular series team of J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck.

The opening page features Cap's assistant editor Michael Carlin dressed as the watcher informing us that the regular editor Mark Gruenwald is busy in San Diego so Michael gets to do whatever he wants. We then see Cap's girlfriend Bernie Rosenthal laying in bed wondering what it would be like if her and Cap's role were reversed. We then see Bernie dressed as Cap ready to fight.

Page 2 sees Bernie as an Avenger sitting around the table having girl talk with She-Hulk and the Wasp. They are suddenly attacked by MOSKULL who wants to take over galaxy and open a chain of Pizza Huts. Bernie America pushes the Avengers aside and readies herself for battle.

Bernie takes out MOSKULL with one throw of her shield, and as he scurries off she sends her best to Larry-Skull and Curly-Skull. Wow.

Steve Rogers then shows up at the mansion and he is distraught over their relationship since whenever they are alone she has to rush off for some emergency. Just then there is a cry for help.

Bernie leaves Steve in tears, and then she is woken by her sister informing her she has a visitor. Bernie rushes downstairs to see Steve who is apologizing for running off on her. She jumps into his arms exclaiming she prefers reality.

I don't think you could ask for much more in a comic.

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