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Alpha Flight #6

There is no warning on the cover of this issue, but the opening page gives us the beware stamp above the credits so had better be ready for something crazy. This issue seems like a typical Alpha Flight comic until Snowbird fights some creatue that is the embodiment of winter which ends up giving us 6 pages of blank panels with word balloons. The cover accurately depicted this as it was all white with a quick sketch of Snowbird. The text boxes describe a great battle over those six pages which help paint the picture in your mind of what John Byrne would have drawn. Snowbird is eventually victorious.

There is also a 6 page back-up feature depicting the origin of Shaman, and then we also get a page in the back of a drawing of a lighthouse showing a message in a bottle about the assistant editor enjoying the view. Nothing funny in the comic, but it is a decent Alpha Flight story. I am sure if Puck had been in it then it would have been much funnier.

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