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Marvel Tales #159

We get the Beware stamp on the cover to warn us that it is assistant editors' month. Inside we get a reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #21. The Beetle is out of jail, and he gets to keep his Beetle costume since there is no law against owning a suit of armor. Spidey teams up with the Human Torch to beat him, and poor Peter Parker's relationship with Betty Brant suffers because if it. Then we get to the good stuff on the letters page. It is explained that they sometimes change the dialogue in the reprints to keep the stuff current so that there aren't any 20 year old cultural references. So the assistant editor decided with his power that for this issue nothing would be changed, and it would be printed in all its original glory. I did not notice any crazy old references, but that might be because this reprint is 20 years old itself, or it might be because I didn't actually read it. We then get a page of redrawn art from Amazing Spider-Man #19 if it were to be more culturally relevant which means we get to see Flash with a bald head and a black leather spiked outfit, and Liz has a mohawk.

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