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Indiana Jones #13

Indiana Jones has the Beware stamp in the UPC box on the cover. That is the only warning we get for assistant editors' month. I guess people who bought this on the newsstand had no idea what they were getting into. Which would be just fine since all there is one page in the back of the book with the assistant editor "Massachusetts Brown" in a tale call "Raiders of the Lost Book". The main story had Indiana Jones taking a group of students on some sort of expedition, and one of the student's, Lucy, keeps putting the moves on Indiana. It turns out her father is some sort of crime lord that put her in the class to try to get some sort of treasure, but let's get to the important part of the comic.

The assistant editor page at the end sees the assistant editor having to get through the hallway full of other assistant editors to deliver his book on time so he will look good while all the real editors are away. I would hate to spoil the anticipation of this comic as I'm sure tons of people are going to run out and buy it after this awesome review, so *SPOILER ALERT* The assistant editor doesn't quite make it in time, and he ends up with a pie in the face. *END SPOILER ALERT*

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