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Saga of Crystar #5

There is no stamp or warning on the cover, but if we look in the corner we get an image of Ralph Macchio dressed as Crystar and holding a tennis racket for some reason. That is fair enough warning that something strange is going on. Inside on the very first page we get a full splash of Crystar very confused with the Beware stamp and a sign saying "The Story They Said Couldn't Be Done" that is crushing Bob Harras. Turning the page we see Crystar in the Marvel offices posing for the books artist and talking with the editor and writer about story ideas and details. Crystar gets fed up with the crew, and they get fed up with him, so Bob Harras asks the artist, Ricardo Villamonte to come up with something entertaining for Crystar to do. Ricardo draws a soccer ball that he gives to Crystar who performs some slick moves with it for the rest of that page, and we slowly fade into the story that they had been working on. We get a tour of all the characters in the Crystar universe with Crystar kicking a football around in the background. The story has the bad guys' headquarters get transported right outside the good guys' headquarters and the wackiness that ensues until the crystal warriors are victorious and set things right in the end. The last page shows a drawing that was done showing the two headquarters next to each other that was done to show scale, but the assistant editor thought it was a great idea for a story. This issue had a great cover, a funny story, and it really tied everything together. I bought issue one of the series in a quarter box once for novelty's sake, but I would have never thought that they would have taken part in assistants editors' month. And to finish this off, here is the ad for the Crystar toys that was in all the comics from the month:

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