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Amazing Spider-Man #248

No warnings on the cover that it is assistant editors' month, but we are shown that we will be introduced to the kid who collects Spider-Man. The first 11 pages have Spider-Man fight and defeat Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew, which none of the innocent bystanders appreciate, and then Spider-Man hitches a ride in the back of a passing pickup truck.

I am not even sure this comic has anything to do with assistant editors' month because there is no mention of it anywhere in the comic. I think it does because it is unusual in that it is divided into two stories, with the second one being a stand alone tale often cited as one of Spider-Man's best. I have always thought of this as one of my favorites so it was a treat to read it again to see if it holds up. Knowing the ending changes the impact of the story, but I still find it very well done. It is a very serious story of Spider-Man telling his origin to a young fan, and none of it is goofy like the other assistant editor month stories.

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