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Moon Knight #35

There are no warnings on the cover so I am not sure what I am getting into with this comic. It is a double-sized issue featuring the Spider-man villain the Fly, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, and there are no ads. I've always thought that the meanest thing that a writer can do to an artist is to set a scene in a club or disco or anywhere that will have lots of people in the background dancing. I have yet to see any artist that can pull that off convincingly. But after this issue, I now realize that a writer can be downright nasty if he wants and have a ballet with the lead being a male who is supposed to win the audience over with his grace.

All we get for assistant editors' month is a letter on the inside back cover from assistant editor Linda Grant rambling on about her eye being scratched so he has to wear a patch and couldn't read the comic she was editing and wishing she was in San Diego.

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